We Transform Your Business With Data and a Sprinkle of Fun

You are seeking a competitive advantage.  We will help you find it with lean methodologies, data-driven decisions, and putting your employees at the forefront.  

why work with us?

We want to transform your business

Generate New Revenue Streams

Position your organization to compete effectively in the industry. 

Enable Your Scale and Growth

Strategize utilizing data, diversify and grow.

Transform Your Business Model

Foster a culture of sustainability and be value driven.

about us

We are cut from a different cloth

At MPL, we optimize business performance. We work with building owners, property managers, and service companies to transform their business through lean methodologies and a data-driven approach.  

Companies look to us when:

  • They're seeking a competitive advantage.
  • They're looking to integrate businesses or business units.
  • Are frustrated that data is everywhere, but actionable information is scarce.

Clients enjoy working with us because we are different....no seriously, different:

  • 100% of what we do is based on clarity. Clarity drives strategy, strategy drives outcome. 
  • We are passionate about working directly with your functional departments so that we can understand your business fully.
  • Hidden agendas are poisonous.  If we cannot be honest with each other, then we cannot do business.


Check what our clients say about us

Working with Mike at MPL Consulting is a complete joy. He took the time to understand my business and create strategies that provided the most value for my clients and skyrocketed my business. If you are looking to transform your business by getting an eye on your analytics, create automated systems, and drive more profits, Mike is your man!

Pam Bogaczyk, P.A.Media

Marketing Consultant

Mike understood our vision that driving efficiency is more than just increasing profits. It is about maximizing productivity and communication in order to make everyone’s job “just a little bit easier”

Brian Kesselman, O.H. Burg

Vice president

I’ve known Michael for close to twenty years and in this time watched him improve the business climate in at least five companies. His ability to decipher data normally overlooked and use it effectively is invaluable.

Tod Damon, Vixxo

Field Service Manager

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